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Little Rockies Community Baptist Church
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Calling Home:

Prayer is the key to God's heart.

Betty's Granddaughter - Natasha
VBS's across the state that children will come to know Jesus.
Phillips family: Marie, Bill and Cleo - salvation
Frank and Sandy Villa - salvation
Teams coming to join us this summer - safety/sacrifice
Will Crasco - salvation/healing from cancer
Linda Low and family
Connie - Candy's sister - Hepatitis C
Robyn - salvation/cancer
Katie Aurthur - cancer at age 11
Sharon, Rob and 3 children - traveling mercies
Mr. Swingen's wife -healing from cancer surgery
James Doney - Battles within
Gary Casebolt - salvation.
Troops - both abroad and deployed in the US
For our school and our community
Buddy Campbell - relief from pain
Betty Campbell - as she works alone.
President and leaders of our country, state, and local governments
For the unspoken requests.
Pray for revival, let it begin in our own hearts. Days of Renewal in September - Jonathan Lawton
Pray for the reservation and that light will soon penetrate the darkness that is there.
Praise as God bring restoration/reconciliation within our community.
Maynard Crasco -healing from kidney/bladder surgery
Bea Has Eagle - unspoken and a car
Debbie - family restoration and return to the Lord, broken rib.
Tim Carlson - cancer and tumors
Softening of the hearts of people of Zortman
Jeannie Shippen/Dayla Hepting - Salvation
Kieth's family - drinking problems
Tom Farrell - patience/peace/traveling mercies
Buzz Black Crow -salvation/drinking
Peggy Wing - salvation
Tavner Bruckner - healing from kidney surgery.
Clint's Brother Cade and sister Callie as they are in Alaska and Colorado for summer.
Bruce Plummer's grandson - Jacob - healing
Pastor Crow at Belgrade
Corp of Discovery and Bison
John and Mike - back and neck
Missionary Network
Alice Taylor - blood clots on the lungs
Churches in Lewistown and Harlem
Shelia Blaich - salvation
Dominick LaForge - salvation
Iris Has Eagle - strength and courage, wisdom as she cares for Trinity and Maxine
Eva R, Shirley S. and Cindy for healing from surgery
Dorene for wisdom and peace

Prayer is the key to God's heart: not to change it but for us to understand His heart, to come to know His will and to submit ourselves to that will. Our church is as God commands "a house of prayer." We invite you to pray with us, and to add your prayer request to our list by using the contact us page. We meet every Wednesday night for prayer and praise as we see the Lord work in our community and world.

Little Rockies Community Baptist Church

9 Mile Road, PO Box 140

Zortman, MT 59546